Breathless Books and Bubbles: Award-Winning Sparkling Wine Label Pairs With Women’s Literature

A lovely story I want to share with you all about author Rebecca Rosenberg, Sharon Cohn, Kathy L. Murphy, a tiara-wearing book club and Breathless Wines. Rebecca and I met years ago at a Redwood Writers Conference, and as soon as we sat down to chat, she became an inspiration to me. She simply seizes life, celebrating the good and minimizing the bad. She works hard too, a trait I admire in everyone, but in my own sex especially. She and her husband Gary started Sonoma Lavender, which, sadly, was affected by the California wine country fires. (Although, being Rebecca, she’s already knee-deep in rebuilding.) Rebecca’s debut novel, The Secret Life of Mrs. London, will be released in January. It’s about the love affair Jack London’s wife was having with … Harry Houdini. Yes. Can you believe that? So, needless to say, this will a fun and sexy read.

Forward to 2013, when Rebecca was a speaker at my Women’s PowerStrategy Conference which was held at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts here in northern California. Rebecca’s friend, Sharon, along with Sharon’s sisters, had just started a wine label, which they called the label “Breathless Wines” in honor of their mother who always taught them to “celebrate the breathless moments in life.” The sisters wanted to spark breathless moments in the lives of others with their lovely, sparkling champagnes.

Rebecca told Sharon about the conference after-party I was holding for all the speakers, and Sharon offered to pour champagne. Yes, she poured ─ free of charge, I might add ─ fabulous, award-winning champagne for everyone at the party. And I mean, endlessly. I still can see it: Sharon in her Art Deco vintage dress, her lovely hat and jewelry, elegantly pouring champagne, next to the beautiful Rebecca, who was of course, wearing lavender. I didn’t have a camera, but I sure wish I had. It was a marvelous moment, a true celebration of friendship and dynamic womanhood. Not to mention terrific outfits.

Isn’t this a great story so far? It gets better. We’ve been talking for a long time now about a Breathless Books and Bubbles collaboration ─ making available a fabulous book, featuring breathless women characters, and a bottle of Breathless bubbly, together, as a gift for our favorite females. We thought these would make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and holidays, don’t you agree?

Well, on December 16, our pilot Books and Bubbly program will launch at The Breathless Winery Holiday Open House, in Healdsburg, CA., just in time for holiday giving. I’ll be there, signing copies of Cooking for Ghosts and Spells and Oregano. There’ll also be wine tastings, delicious tidbits to nibble on, as well as dozens of other fun activities. And when Rebecca’s Mrs. London becomes available, that can be purchased with a bottle of Breathless Wine, also.

We thought this was a good fit. I mean, just look at that wine label of the Breathless flapper, the cover of Mrs. London and of course, the Art Deco flavor of The Secret Spice Trilogy.

But here’s where Kathy L. Murphy comes in. Kathy is another amazing female. At an age when most people are thinking of retiring, Kathy went back to college, and has now taken up a whole other career aside from her fulltime role as head Queen of The Pulpwood Queens Book Club. Kathy single-handedly founded this book club, which is the largest in the world with over 700 branches. She hand-selects the books and publishers vie to get their titles on her list. In her honor,  for all she does for the world of literacy, the Pulpwood Queens’ Book Club titles will be the list from which Breathless Books and Bubbly selects more authors and titles as we go on. And of course, these will be books featuring “breathless,” daring female characters.

I hope you can join us in California Wine Country on December 16, if you can’t make to Healdsburg, the Breathless Books and Bubbly gift package is available on my author website, beginning December 4, and on the Breathless Wines website


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