Cab Calloway and Opera Gloves

For those who have an interest, here’s an update on Book II of The Secret Spice Trilogy, SPELLS and OREGANO, scheduled to be released late this year:


First of all, thank you to the Art Deco Society of California and Art Deco Motor and Fashion Group for their expertise and gracious help on hairdos and styles of the 1930s. I’ve spend two weeks researching and writing about The Art Deco Ball which takes place annually on The Queen Mary for Book II of the Secret Spice Cafe Trilogy, SPELLS AND OREGANO, due to be released late this year. Two whole weeks, with the music of Benny Goodman and Cab Calloway playing in my head, hankerings for champagne cocktails and Singapore Slings, and a sudden desire to go out and buy myself a pair of opera length gloves. And yet, the section in novel two that takes place at the ball is only a small portion of the manuscript. I’m telling you this in case you have a writer in your family: Never ask them what’s taking them so long to finish their book.

What’s inspiring me, you might ask? Just have a look at some of these fabulous photos of Art Deco brilliance that one can find aboard the RMS Queen MaryA trip to visit this magnificent ship now permanently docked in Long Beach, is truly a trip back in time: 

QM Art Deco art 1


QM Art Deco Art 2


If these intrigue you  and you want to see more, visit the Queen Mary’s official site.

As for me, it’s back to writing. It’s hard to type in these opera gloves, though.   

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