Good Riddance, California?

california or bust

So, just wanted to point something out to those in the United States who’ve made the comments about how the country would be “well rid” of California, because of what it cost the nation recently due to disaster funding given to the state by the federal government:

California is the largest contributor to the federal budget, at 13.3 percent. Even with the check just written to them to mitigate the costs of the flood disaster, California puts in more money than it takes out. Always. In fact, there are only four states that get more than they give, and those states are DC, West Virginia, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Therefore, if California leaves, the US would lose 13.3 percent of its federal budget,or in actual dollars, the US would lose 505.4 billion dollars. Per year. The check from FEMA was for less than two hundred million.

Here are some other things the rest of the country should know about California, should we, as some of you have requested, secede, in order to “get the liberals out of the country”:

1. California produces 99% of the following: artichokes, grapes, raisins, kiwi fruit, olives, peaches, almonds and pistachios. It is the leading producer of garlic, onions and carrots, avocados and spinach. In fact, California is the leading producer of 81 crops.

2. California is the leading producer of dairy products–milk, ice cream, butter, and is second only to Wisconsin in cheese production. If other states decided to make up for the loss of California dairy farms by creating more of their own, those states would still have to feed that cattle, and guess what?— cows eat alfalfa, which also comes from California.

3. 88.5% of wine produced in the US comes from California. Does Napa Valley ring a bell? Yeah? Well, it’s the 4th largest producer of wine in the world, and it brings into the US more than 31 billion dollars a year.

4. Additionally, the US would lose Google, Apple, Cisco, Disney, and Facebook, which are five of the Forbes Top 15 Most Valuable Companies in the World. Scores of other companies are based in California, too.

5. The US would lose the jobs created by Hollywood film industry. And of course, they’d lose Hollywood. In other words, Ryan Gosling and Scarlett Johansson would be solely California’s. And since Marvel Studios is based in Burbank, California would get to keep Captain America too.

6. California is the most visited state when it comes to tourism to the US. And while California might lose 22% of tourists to the state that come as visitors from the others states, (although I doubt it) 78% of the tourism that comes from inside the US is other Californians visiting different parts of their own state. But California would get to keep all the foreign tourists, which is fine by those Americans who just voted in an administration that based their whole campaign on keeping foreigners out, correct? The thing is, those foreign tourists bring in billions of dollars into the US economy and create over a million jobs per year. So, California would get to keep all those jobs and all that income.

7. The largest international port is Los Angeles port, which imports to the country coming from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Taiwan. As we know, these countries are where most electronics are produced, so expect the cost of those items to go up at least 35% if California were no longer part of the US.

So here’s what would happen if you got “Mexifornia” out of the US: Your federal taxes would go up, the cost of many every day foods would skyrocket, and anything coming into Los Angeles port would now have tariffs on it, since in essence, they would now be coming to the US internationally. The culture of the US would change since we are known internationally for our film industry. The USA would still be able to get wine, because other states produce it, and heaven knows you’d need it, but if you wanted California wine, most likely there would be tariffs on it since the US would want to encourage its citizens to drink domestic wines, and not international California wine. But the worst and most profound change for the rest of the USA would be the devaluation of your American dollar, since California makes up the biggest percentage of that world-wide perceived value, for the reason that it is the biggest economy in the union and on its own the sixth largest economy in the world.

And finally, I would like to point out to the uneducated whose cruel, careless comments on social media about their fellow citizens and fellow human beings during this crisis were unprecedented, that the people who suffered most severely during the flood crisis, and who are still on high alert, the nearly 200 thousand people who had to move invalids, elderly, children, pets, livestock, etc. to a higher place within hours, who couldn’t get into their homes for two days, who had to stay in shelters with their families and animals, and who were and still are in danger of losing their homes and their livelihood because the possibility of rivers and dams overflowing still exists, are the United States farmers who farms are based up in northern California. These are the people who work their asses off to FEED YOU. And many of those people vote Republican.

P.S. I forgot to mention California also gets to keep Betty White.

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