On Graveyards and Death


A graveyard is a place our ancestors and loved ones sleep. To destroy them in the dead of night, in a country that once stood for freedom of religion — all religions — is a cowardly kind of cruel. To do so on the basis of which god you pray to indicates the weak mind of a follower, and a soul that has been emptied of any kind of true human compassion. To those who want to devoid their lives and their environment of any and all who think differently and act differently, who want to see those others either demoralized or dead because you’re afraid of their differences from you, know this:

Once you achieve that goal, with no one else left on the outside to fear or destroy, you’ll then start pointing fingers at those within your own tribe. The otherness you’ve killed will seep into your friends, your church, your own family. You’ll divide up into smaller and smaller circles, trusting fewer and fewer people — those who wear a black suit versus those who wear a blue suit to Sunday mass, those who drink coffee versus those who drink tea, those who have two children versus those who have one. You’ll trust no one except who your priest or your leader tells you to, and that leader and priest will thrive on your fear. He’ll use you — and it will be a “he,” because a “she” would be too different and therefore too scary — he’ll manipulate you for his own power and gain, he’ll turn you against each other, pointing to the person who wore the wrong suit or drank the wrong beverage, telling you to fear that person, to not be like that person, and you’ll believe him. You’ll believe whatever he tells you to believe, and fear whatever he tells you to fear. Your world will grow more constricted and therefore, more suffocating. You’ll never again have one original thought, if indeed you’ve ever had one — because even one new idea, one new “what if?” will be deemed dangerous and therefore forbidden. And with all the “otherness” either killed off or imprisoned or beaten and shamed into submission, there will be no one to ever again present a new possibility to you. No one to notice your silent screams at the prison you’ve created for yourselves, because anyone left around you will be doing their own silent screaming. And that’s when you’ll realize that, even though you did all this — purged your world of anything you didn’t recognize and understand, just to feel “safe” — you don’t feel safe. You feel nothing. You go through the motions of walking, talking, eating, and breathing, but inside you’re like the walking dead. You still exist on some levels, you’re not buried yet, but you’re already in Hell.

And guess what? That’s already happening. Right now. Today. It already exists in many parts of the world, and just like a zombie virus, it’s now spreading to your country. But the irony is, the real thing to fear is not coming from the outside. Like the worse kinds of viruses and bacteria, it’s actually coming from inside of your own self. You live in a world of terror and anger, but you’ve created that world for yourself, because your only response to life and living is to always be afraid, and always refuse to think.

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