Only One Kind of Flower?

TRUE STORY: When my son was only four, a relative tried to teach him the “N” word. Luckily, this ‘lesson’ was conducted in front of me. When we got home, I then had to explain to my little boy not only what the word meant, but what it meant about the values held by the relative — someone he really loved — who tried to teach it to him.

My son listened to my explanation in absolute shock. Then he said, “You mean, there are people who want only one kind of people? That’s the same as wanting only one kind of animal, or one kind of flower.”

Yes, son, it is.

And to the people protesting in Charlottesville: He was four when he figured that out.


  1. Wow, Patricia. If only the entire world had the wisdom of your 4 year old son. What a good story. And what a good mom.

    • I made my mistakes like all of us do as parents, but he certainly has a good heart, one that breaks by things like racism an injustice. And that’s all him, not my doing, I’m sure. But thank you, Melinda. XXX

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