If You’re Feeling Depressed, Please Read This


In light of recent heavily-publicised celebrity suicides, I’m concerned for some of my online friends and readers who I know deal with depression.

Please remember that certain news outlets have become sensationalist in order to generate ‘clicks.’ Remember that your life is valuable. Remember that feeling depressed is nothing to be embarrassed by. Remember that there are those who care about you, and would want you to reach out. Life can change in a snap — it can go from bad to good, good to bad, and back again. It’s part of the human condition, and it can be confusing and stressful. We can’t do much about the capricious natures of life and death, but we can do our best to combat our emotions.

Get away from news reports, from social media, from any noise that hurts rather than helps. Find an activity that soothes you — reading a book, listening to music — whatever can help even a little bit, and immerse yourself in that.

But if it gets too overwhelming to be handled alone, pick up the phone. Never, ever think that you’re “bothering” the person on the other end. Instead, that person will agonize forever if something happens to you. They will wonder if they could have done more, or if they should have reached out.

I know it’s hard to imagine that one is valuable and worthy when one is deluged with depressive thoughts and feelings. But most of that feeling of ickiness is created by body chemicals, hormones, etc, that are out of whack. Your bad situation might be real — an impending divorce, a health problem, financial troubles, work disappointments — but the reaction to whatever it is will be excessive. Remember that. Remember that it can be dangerous to be alone when these feelings take over.

Please call loved ones, or if you feel there is no one close to you to help, call Suicide Prevention Hotlines. The people standing by are good, loving people who want so much to help that this is what they do with their time. Let them be heroes. Let them help, because one week from now, your outlook, your circumstances can be quite different, quite better.

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