Thank you

As the year draws to a close, and some celebrate Christmas, I think it’s a perfect time to say thank you to you. It means a lot that my words resonate and that there are those who will take a portion of their hard-earned wages to purchase my books, or give me the even more precious commodity of their time reading my posts.

I’ve met so many remarkable people, and learned so many things I otherwise wouldn’t have, had I not dared to “venture out into the world” with my words and stories. It’s gratifying that they’ve been well-received (for the most part) and I’m grateful that those who might disagree with my thoughts take the time to share their own beliefs with me. I’ve had several readers pay me the incredible compliment of saying that one or two things of mine they’d read changed their minds about some issues. I’ve had several who said that my characters seemed so real to them. I think that’s because my mind has been opened as well to thoughts and perspectives that are not my own.

So thank you. Thank you for reading me, teaching me, helping me grow. I’ve loved books and meeting new people since I was a child. All those new worlds, all those new ideas, just swirl around in my head and make me happy to be on this beautiful, great, messy, diverse planet. Your presence in my life makes it richer and wider. And that’s your amazing and wonderful gift to me♥️

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