The Same

Some people are hostile because they’re afraid of everything and everyone that’s not familiar. And some are hostile because they feel disenfranchised from the good things life has to offer, and must find someone to blame for that. Others feel a threat everywhere new they go, but they never seem to figure out where that threat’s coming from, so they’re suspicious and cautious where no suspicion or caution is necessary.

It’s people like these — hostile people — who seek their sole comfort in clans and enclaves, customs and rituals. The sameness of the faces, the language, the songs, the prayers, the viewpoints, the dogma, makes them feel recognized and understood. They need to be surrounded by the known, and if they’re not, even for a short period of time, they feel too unsure, too vulnerable.

So, they lash out at any strangeness — they are vigilant in defending their space from the person with the different face, the house of prayer that has a different roof and different God, different politics, different beliefs, and different perspectives. Even something as simple as a new food being introduced can upset them, shake up their sense of rightness, of security. They can’t see those things, hear those things, taste those things, or, heaven forbid, try those things. They don’t want to think about them. They mustn’t think about them, because … what if they should like them? Then where would they be, and more important, who would they become?

And so they attack, like a defensive animal whose territory has been breached. They need the sameness, day in, day out, because only that sameness makes them feel somewhat safe.

But guess what? Some of us figured out the secret that those in power don’t want us to know:

It’s in the SAMENESS that the real danger lurks.

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