A Pot of Flowers

There was a time when I lived a very unhappy life, that, for a number of reasons I knew I’d be stuck living for a while. I know this is true for many of us. We’re stuck, not because we’re afraid to make a change, but because there are factors that don’t allow us to make a change right away.

When I was in this situation, the easiest thing would have been to be miserable every day–marking off one unhappy day after another until I could, for lack of a better word, “escape.”

I refused to do that. I refused to let my unhappy situation drain every bit of joy from my existence. So, instead, I concentrated on short moments and small things, all scattered throughout my days that gave me tiny capsules of joy:

1) When my impatiens bloomed so well, they were spilling over their pots.

2) The baby who smiled at me in the supermarket

3) A chicken that roasted perfectly.

4) A silly pun

5) A glass of wine with a friend

6) Getting something SO right at work.

7) A good hair day

8) A glimpse of a hummingbird zipping and hovering

9) A favorite song heard unexpectedly

10) The belief in myself that one day, my life would change.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences!

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