Dive In?

I like to go to the pool at the sports club late in the afternoon because it’s usually just me there at that time of the day, and I can focus on getting laps done without being distracted by socializing. But yesterday afternoon there was a very young girl there with her father. She was tiny, and had the swimming thingees on her arms–I can’t remember what those are called–but her speaking skills were impressive, so, it’s hard to guess how old she might have been. But it was obvious it was one of the first times she’d been swimming, because she was hesitant about going into the pool. Dad was coaxing her, and it went like this:

Dad: You want to come in? I can hold you.
Girl: I dunno know, I dunno know.
Dad: Sure? You can jump. I’ll catch you.

That had more appeal, so he counts to three, and she jumps. He catches her, as promised, and she gets a quick dip into the water. He swirls her around and she’s delighted. She’s grinning and laughing.

Girl: Gaaaaa! Oh my gaa! This is great. Again. Do it again.

He sets her down outside the pool by the edge, and she jumps in again.

Girl: Yay! It’s great! I love it.

But all of a sudden, she changes her mind. Her face crumbles, and she starts to cry.

Girl: No. No! I don’t like it. Let me out. Let me out!

Dad immediately starts to lift her out, and she stops him.

Girl: Wait. No, I want to stay in.

Dad: You sure?

Girl: (after a minute) No. I want out.

He lifts her out, and asks her, “Okay? You okay?”

Girl: (still sniffling) Yeah. No. Yeah, I am. I’m okay

And that is pretty much what goes through my brain every day. In any given 24 hours, that range of emotions is how I feel about life.

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