How is a Terrorist Made?

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How is a terrorist made?

In other countries it’s a combination of things: Abject poverty and the desperate sense that there’s no way out of that poverty. [Note: Did you know that young people who blow themselves up are paid to do it, and the money goes to their very poor families? So in essence, they really are worth more dead than alive to those they love.]

There’s also a despot in charge of the country—either a fanatically religious one or a dictator. That despot was usually put in place due to powerful foreign interference. [Note: Most of the people coming in to the US as illegals now? Take a look at the history of their countries. If you follow the breadcrumbs, you’ll discover that the USA, or the British, or the French, or someone else had a hand in putting the horrific government who threatens them now, in charge there.]

Then, there’s the ceaseless propaganda from that government: “Outsiders are trying to harm us, harm our society, take away our religion. Only we can help you stay safe.” They’ll blame only certain segments of the population for the social and economic ills that exist. In Syria, they blame this group, in Egypt, they blame that group. In Turkey, it’s another group, and so and so on.

The hate campaigns are clever and subtle but relentless, and they’re picked up everywhere—including by the prevailing organized religion. The human brain is malleable. Research has shown that if we hear something seven times, on the news station we watch, in our church, on a website, from our friends and associates, it—whatever it is—becomes very real to us.

The final reason a terrorist is created is the need to do something to make a difference. To matter. And remember—every society sees the ones who kill “enemies” of that society as a hero.

So: Desperation. Relentless propaganda. A totalitarian government helped in by foreign interference. And the belief that you’re going to ‘save the country,’ you’re going to go from feeling like less than nothing, to being remembered as a savior and hero.

Yeah. Read that last paragraph again. And then ask yourself why Jews are being murdered in synagogues, Blacks are being killed in churches, Muslims are being killed in mosques, women are raped as a matter of course, abortion clinics are bombed, and those in the LGBTQ community are shot in nightclubs and brutally attacked every day.

You’re afraid of terrorists coming into the US? I’m not. I’m afraid of the ones who’ve always lived here.

And guess what? Pretty soon, the segments of society who’ve been targeted—women, gays, religious and ethnic minorities—if they can’t protect themselves and their children from being persecuted, if they can’t win the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through the court system, through police protection, through our other branches of government, well … they’ll find other ways to fight back. And as we know, in the US, anyone can buy a gun.

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