12 Things I’ve Learned from Life and Facebook


1.  Comparing oneself to others can make us envious, insecure, or smug. None of these makes a good fashion statement.

2.  If the goal you’re striving for is one you truly care about it, you’ll lead a life of passion. If it’s to impress others, you’ll lead a life of emptiness.

3.  Most of us are not evil, but too many of us are wary of the unknown, afraid of change, or ill-informed.

4.  Acquaintances and colleagues: There are those who’ll try to help you, those who’ll try to sabotage you, and those who have issues that may cause them to be toxic. Be thankful for the first group, and pay it forward. Ignore the second two groups, but remember who they are.

5.  Share jokes and recipes generously.

6.  The words “Best wishes,” “Congratulations,” and “I’m sorry for your loss,” go a long way.

7.  Gossips, liars, and sycophants do not make good friends. Don’t let them into your inner circle.

8.  Watch what people do, not what they say. If they’re loyal to you, if they’re kind to others, if they are, in their own way, doing their part to spread positivity, they are people to know. We don’t always have to agree with each other’s choices to support each other.

9.  The correct information is vital. False information is deadly.

10.  One day, our social media pages will be memorial pages. What do we want people to remember?

11.  Count your blessings, including the blessing of being loved by someone, whether that someone is a lover, a friend, a parent, or a pet.

12.  Sometimes, you just have to shut it all down, and go for a walk.


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