May I Make a Suggestion?


Please think about this. Maybe this is not the way you want to go, but for the duration of this catastrophic event, I’ve posted my last negative political post. I’ve posted my last negative post, period. There is literally a virus in the air, killing people. Some people I am talking to this week might be dead next week, and I include myself in that, of course. Many of us are very scared, too many more are financially stressed, some beyond measure. No matter what our politicians do now, we are facing an uncertain future, as personally as that can get. And tempers and emotions are high. This past week, there was a upset in my own little world with a beautiful person who means a lot to me. I’m so glad we were able to get past it. But it happened because of tension and stress, and I can’t help but think, how would the remaining one of us have felt if the other had succumbed to this virus before we had a chance to find each other again?

Our particular squabble wasn’t over politics, but think of someone you love–anyone–a friend, family member, even your spouse—who voted for Donald Trump when you wanted Hillary. Or voted for Hillary when you wanted Trump. You know that no matter how much you’ve disagreed on this issue, you still care about, possibly even love this person. And it’s a done deal. It’s been a done deal for the past three and half years. All you can do now if you’re unhappy, or happy, is vote in November.

However I feel about the people in charge, posting negativity, I realize now, is only going to get people feeling sicker, more angry, and even more scared. I’m tempted to take some of my posts down, because even when I just make funny cracks, people come back with appalling viciousness, whether they are “for” or “against” what I’ve written.

This toxicity is really getting to me, and in many ways, it’s as unhealthy as this virus.

Right now, we are all questioning everything, doubting everything, and fearing much. But this ALWAYS holds true: We can get angry, but let’s channel it properly. Spite always makes things worse, and the ramifications fall back on us.

Please let’s try to take a breath before we speak or act. If you are kind to others, it will help you be kind to yourself. There’s another virus spreading besides the corona virus–a virus derived of hate. I’d bet everything I own that for most of us, our hatred is directed at the wrong people.

So, as for me, for the next couple months, if I live through them, I’m spreading light. I hope you join me in that.


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