Without Writers


Without writers there would be no Disney World, because there would be no fairytales. No Cinderella, no Ariel. No Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, or Captain Hook.

There would be no Muggles or Wizards, no Scriptures or Bible, no Sneetches on Beaches or elephants saving Whoville.

We could never contemplate the fate of Frankenstein’s’ monster, or the Nine Circles of Hell, Faust’s punishment, or lost Paradise.

Without writers there would be no Academy Awards Best Dressed, because there would be no films and no cause to celebrate those who act in them. There would be no Star Wars or Citizen Kane. No Downton Abbey or Dark Shadows. Bill and Ted would never have had their excellent adventure.

Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Wonder Woman would never be heroes. Nancy Drew would never solve a mystery. Coraline, Matilda, Pippi could never be brave.

There would be no Doctor Who. Agatha Christie and Harper Lee would simply be the names of two women who once lived.

There would be no “I Have a Dream” speech nor Gettysburg Address, no anthems, no Constitution or Bill of Rights.

There would be no Desiderata, no comparisons to a summer day, nor the beautiful tragedy of love lost in Verona. No love songs, no limericks, no drinking ditties.

We wouldn’t have diaries, inspiring memoirs, or great classic recipes. We wouldn’t know our history because there would have been no one to have written it down for us to remember.

There would be no libraries nor bookstores, nothing to read on your e-reader, no audio books narrated by your favorite voices. No books to ban, no ideas to spread. 

There would be no prayers.

There wouldn’t even be my signature on this.

                                                                                          ~ Patricia V. Davis


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